We are a large-scale machine learning research and engineering company.

We help businesses understand their customers.
By using artificial intelligence and machine learning,
we uncover insights naked to the human eye.

Artificial intelligence

Our advanced innovations have been
developed through extensive research at
prestigious universities and machine
learning research labs.

Machine learning

Our intelligent algorithms continuously
learn and discover the truth behind
consumers and their behaviour, offering
meaningful insights.

Retail and ecommerce

Increase sales and brand loyalty by
discovering customers’ preferences and
matching with relevant products in real time.

Brands and marketing

Automatically extract actionable

Insights for marketing research  

using machine learning tools.



RuneScape, the world’s largest free MMORPG game, has seen in-game purchases increase by 29.3% after we deployed our real-time matching model to 220m players.


Using our breakthrough relevance matching model, partnering startups looking for venture capital with the best equity providers, Match Capital has raised over $9m.


Our applications are used by leading public traded companies with annual revenues exceeding $2b. We also collaborate with innovative small to medium digital brands.


With retail app OCTER we deployed an image matching service that automatically uses colour, shape, pattern, and user behaviour to return results in less than 200ms.

Our expert team quickly personalise and deploy applications as per the customer need.

We provide machine learning solutions to solve complex problems and automate the solutions.

We delight our customers by solving their day-to-day problems through continuous innovation.

"Jaggu and the team provided us with a product comparison
system for our huge database of products. The outcome
surpassed our expectations producing some truly
extraordinary results, at speed. The team were extremely
knowledgable, and were always looking to achieve the
best results"

— Henry Whittaker, CTO/CFO, Octer